About Neonate

When Neonate’s founder and CEO, Glenn Ulverud, became a father for the first time he went searching for a baby monitor for his family. But the baby monitors of the time did not live up to his expectations, and he decided to see if he could make a better product.

A baby monitor is not a toy for kids, but a tool for parents, and the main attribute for this tool is that it can add some flexibility into the demanding life of parents. But there are some key concerns that needs to be adressed. It needs to be safe, and it needs to be reliable. Only then do you have full control over what matters most, the well-being of your baby. This is why we have always been focused on making baby monitors with low radiation, high capacity batteries and long range transmission. Over the years we have constantly been looking to improve our products through innovation in technology, developing new features, and enhancing the user experience. Inspired by the Scandinavian winter, we were the first to develop a baby monitor that could function down to – 20°C. The BC-6500D baby monitor was the first on the market that could connect multiple baby units to the same parent unit, making it perfect for parents with more than one child. And we took our expertise in audio monitors with us when we made our first video model. The result was the first ever video model with 800 meters of audio range.

We have always been in pursuit of ways of bettering our products, and we always will be. But any improvements has to live up to our founding principles of safety and reliablity.

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