About Neonate

Neonates’ goal is to develop high quality baby monitors, that are user-friendly, combined with the best specifications. We focus on producing safe and reliable products, that simplifies the everyday life of parents. To us, this means long range transmition, long life battery and the lowest amount of radiation accessible on the market. We strive to be as good as we can be, because when it comes to your baby, best is all that matters.


The scandinavian baby monitor system

Neonate is the result of a Norwegian dads search for the ultimate baby monitoring system. A system that could live up to his high expectations as both a new dad, and a tech-expert. With a background and expertise from the technology industry, it may be needless to say; he didn’t find anything good enough. So he decided to develop it himself. Applying advanced technological solutions in new manners, developing the best baby monitoring system specifically suited the Scandinavian market.