AUDIO monitor

Unique and user-friendly

800 meters range
200 hours stand-by time
Low radiation Max 25mW
LCD display

BC-5800D is Neonate’s most selling model to date. The small flexible units have long transmit range, low radiation, interference free transmission and high capacity rechargeable lithium batteries with up to 200 hours stand-by-time. Despite the small size units, BC-5800D have a LCD display with gives you an update of temperature, signal strength, and battery status from both units. Night light on baby unit and vibration function on parent unit are included. Special features insures the lowest radiation possible which also preserve battery lifetime for optimal battery stand-by-time.


800 meters transmit range

BC-5800D has an excellent transmitting range, which goes up to 800 meters. The extended range allows you flexibility when your baby is napping. Together with the out-of-range alarm, BC-5800D gives you full control of your child’s safety and comfort.


High capacity Lithium rechargeable batteries

Both the parent and the baby unit are equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries, with 2 years warranty. Fully charged they will provide maximum 200 hours stand by time. Batteries are charged by the included charger bases.


Low radiation

Our models are designed for the safety of your child, and have the lowest radiation levels on the market. Special features insure the lowest radiation possible which also preserved battery lifetime, for optimal battery stand-by-time. Low radiation is insured by real stand-by-mode using a voice-activation-function, where the units transits to sleep mode when no sound is detected. Even when noise occurs, minimal radiation is emitted.


Interference free

All of Neonates models are 100% digital, making them interference free. Together with an enhanced encryption system, the communication between you and your baby is safe from both interference and hacking.


Small size

The small size of BC-5800D makes for a simpler everyday life. It measures only 90mm from top to bottom.


Works in colder climate

This model is designed specifically for the Nordic environment, and works down to -19 °C.


Battery alarm

Power indicator on either unit alerts you the battery power is low on your baby or parent unit and the battery alarm alerts you if the parent unit battery drops below a certain percentage.


LCD display

The LCD display offers a quick and convenient way to check temperature, signal strength, and battery status in both units. In addition, the LCD display makes it easier to distinguish between temperature, battery and out-of-range alarm where symbols help you to understand.


Temperature alarm

BC-5800D has an alarm that warns you if the temperature in your baby’s surroundings is too high or too low.


Night Light

The baby unit is equipped with a night light that can be set to on, off, our voice activated.


Adjustable microphone sensitivity

You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone in the baby unit to prevent the baby unit from transmitting unwanted background sounds.

Signal Audio
Range max (open area) 800m
Low radiation
Max radiation 25mW
Transmit technology Digital
Channels/Codes of choice Automatic
Voice controlled activation
Talk back function -
Vibration (parent unit)
Adjustable microphone sensibility
Night light (baby unit)
Temperature indicator
Alarm - Low battery -
Alarm - Out of range
Alarm - Temperature low / high
LCD display
LCD size baby unit (HxW) 29x30mm
LCD size parent unit (HxW) 22x30mm
Rechargeable batteries baby unit / parent unit
Maximum stand-by-time 200 hours
Battery size 1100mAh
Battery type Lithium
Battery guarantee 2 years
Zero-Radiation-Function (ZRF) -
Ear plug jack / Ear plug -
Charger base (docking)
Baby unit size (HxWxD) 90x46x24mm
Parent unit size (HxWxD) 90x46x24mm
Operation temperature + 50°C to -19°C

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